Ordinarily, Bettas are stunning pets that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Particularly, many homes and offices use these colorful fish almost like decorations to brighten up their space. Meanwhile, you have probably seen the standard blue and red color patterns. However, do you in any way know about all of the available betta fish colors?

Thus, the truth is that there are a lot more color patterns for betta fish that breeders have been working on than your standard pallet. Also, there are many different color variations and patterns that most people have no clue exist.


  • introduction
  • betta fish breeds and their unique colors
  • solid-colored bettas
  • bi-colored bettas
  • patterned bettas
  • bettas with blotches
  • multi-colored bettas
  • betta fish colors
  • betta fish names by color


Generally, Bettas are a favorite aquarium fish. In fact, they can thrive in large or small tanks and even small fish bowls which can only house one pet.

Also, an interesting dilemma that many people face when they go shopping for betta fish is deciding which color of betta fish to choose. Thus, since betta fish come in almost every color you can imagine, hence, it would be impossible to cover every color that is available.

However, if you are just beginning your search on bettas, you should know that you will have a choice of

  • solid betta,
  • also, bi-colored,
  • likewise, patterned, and
  • lastly, multi-colored betta.

Meanwhile, each is unique. Thus, everyone tends to have their favorites.
Particularly, Betta fish are common for their vibrant coloring. Likewise, there are variations that are pallid or even white. In contrast, the dull color is a sign of emphasis or poor health.

Also, selective breeding can produce a rainbow array of colors for Betta’s. Therefore, some of the more common options are below. However, you can find more variations from breeders.

Betta Fish Breeds and their Unique Colors

Red – ordinarily, these shades span from bright to dark burgundy and brown. However, normal reds have some black pigment on the body giving them more of a bicolor look. Also, with a reddish/blackish body and red fins.

Orange – ordinarily, these are a bit redder than what an orange would look like. Or, maybe more like a dark tangerine color.

Apricot – particularly, sometimes called peach as well. Thus, this is just a soft pastel shade.

Yellow – ordinarily, this spans from golden to lemon. Hence, a Betta fish that is a mix of yellow and black can be a Chocolate if pretty solid-colored. However, if the yellow scales are obvious, it’s called a Pineapple Betta.

Green – in particular, the color turquoise is actually a genetic variant on the green. However, very dark green is very rare and highly prized.

Blue – generally, tbese are royal blue, cornflower blue, and steel blue shades.

Turquoise – particularly, turquoise is a color between blue and green. However, some claim it is not green, while others claim it is nothing but green.

Copper – also, this is the latest iridescent color variation! Thus, these betta fish come to being by crossing with specific wild strains that show some gold.

Albino – ordinarily, this is a rare but natural occurrences like other fish and animals. Therefore, a true albino will have red eyes.

Multi-colored – generally, these Betta fish have many colors. Also, this name covers all fish that have no predominant color-tone.

Purple – correspondingly, colors can span from pale (lavender) to dark (violet).

Black – particularly, solid smoky or with lighter fins.

White opaque – ordinarily, this opaque color is not albinism. Hence, you can tell as these Betta fish will have black eyes.

Solid-Color Bettas

Generally, a pure solid color beta will have no impurities. Therefore, this means that the betta fish is one color from nose tip to tail. However, pure solid color beta fish can be hard to find because most fish will have a slight impurity.

Therefore, if you do find a pure solid color betta fish consider yourself fortunate. Also, a few of the more popular color choices of solid betta fish include

  • first, cellophane,
  • also, white opaque,
  • yellow,
  • likewise, orange,
  • also, red,
  • steel blue,
  • also, royal blue,
  • green,
  • also, turquoise and
  • lastly, black.

Generally, a cellophane betta fish will have no color. Thus, this means that the fish will have translucent fins and a flesh-colored body.

Therefore, the flesh color of the body is not truly a color. However, it is a result of the flesh-colored organs inside the fish.

Also, white Opaque betta fish is solid white. In fact, it is very hard to find a white opaque betta fish that has no impurities.

Hence, if you do luck up and find one consider yourself lucky!

Bi-Colored Bettas

Generally, bi-colored betta simply has two solid colors. Thus, the fins will be one solid color and the body of the fish will be another color.

Therefore, the most common bi-colored betta fish combinations include

  • the Cambodian – which truly has a flesh-colored body and either red, blue or green fins, and
  • also, the chocolate betta fish.

Therefore, the chocolate betta fish will have a dark body that is either black, dark green or dark blue. However, the fins on the chocolate betta will be either yellow or orange.

Bettas with Blotches

Generally, you should not confuse these fish with multi-colored fish. Ordinarily, patterned betta will have several colors that are in an organized pattern. Ordinarily, patterned bettas are very desirable and rare.

Particularly, the two main patterns you will run across are the marbles and the butterfly patterns. Usually, the butterfly pattern is where the fish has a solid body. Also, the fins have the body color along with another color.

Likewise, the marble pattern is where the fish has a flesh body. Also, with blotches of color on the body, tail, and fins.

Similarly, a fish can still be a marble pattern if it only has blotches on its body.

Multicolored Bettas

Specifically, multicolored betta will have washes of different colors with no specific pattern. Therefore, narrowing down which color of beta fish to choose can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning.

However, it will not take long for you to decide which your favorites are. Meanwhile, no matter which color you prefer, just remember, if you stock many bettas in a tank, you should watch for fighting.

Also, ensure to protect any weaklings you may have from bullies.

Betta Fish Colors

Butterfly – generally, these bettas have two to three different colors on their body. Therefore, each of these colors will take up ⅓ if three colors or ½ of the fish’s body.

However, the colors will not bleed into each other and will cut off. Also, the color pattern will only go from the head back in a vertical pattern.

Dalmatian – ordinarily, as you can guess from the name the Bettas speckle like a dalmatian. Thus, these bettas are colored in splotches of the same color.

Also, the main body of the betta fish is usually white. Therefore, the spots of color will either be red or black.

Marble – generally, these Bettas have a marble pattern reminiscent of a marble slab. Similarly, the pattern will actually have splotches all over the fish of the same color.

Ordinarily, this often happens when a fish loses it’s coloring in random splotches along its body.

Grizzle – particularly, these Betta fish have a 50/50 split of both dark and light coloring. Thus, on their fins, it really will look similar to paintbrush strokes of the two colors mixed together.

However, it should look as though someone painted on this fish.

Piebald – specifically, like the bald in the name suggests, these fish really look like it has a bald spot on it. Therefore, the colorless spot should be at the head of the fish while the rest of the body is colored.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fish should still be colorful.

Metallic – Similarly, as the name suggests, this type of Betta should seem like it has a metallic coat of paint on. However, this can happen in several different colors of betta fish. Also, it is especially beautiful if you can find silver betta with metallic coloring.

Other Betta Fish Colors

Full-Mask – generally, full mask betta fish has a completely black face that looks like a mask. However, the rest of their body will be colorful.

Copper – also, these betta fish will often be a combination of metallics with yellow coloring mixed in. Generally, these betta fish come in a steel blue color with others mixed in like purple.

Also, the colors are usually even and there will be no red involved anywhere on the fish.

Dragon – likewise, this betta fish looks like it is wearing armor. Also, the face is always metallic and the scales will look like they are black. Likewise, the fins will be mostly black in color.

Bi-Color – specifically, this color pattern is very simple to recognize. Likewise, the betta fish will have two different colors on its body.

Accordingly, one will be on its fins and the other color will be right on its scales.

Cambodian – ordinarily, the Cambodian betta fish is a very specific bi-colored fish. Particularly, the fins of Cambodian betta will be deep red while the body is skin tone.

However, this color is now becoming rarer due to being excessive breeding.

Purple – generally, these Betta fish are extremely rare to find if not the rarest color. Thus, if you can find one then it will be completely deep purple in color.

Chocolate – specifically, as the name suggests, these Betta fish have a chocolate-like coloring on their body. Also, their fins will be yellow and usually with black at the edge.

However, this coloration isn’t yet official but is growing in popularity.

Black Lace – generally, these Betta fish will be completely black in color other than a small bit of white around the end of their fins.

Other Colors

Melano Black – ordinarily, these Betta fish are pitch black. Generally, they have no color other than black on it. Therefore, people consider blue black-bettas as Bi-colors.

However, they are often mis-sold as Melanos. Hence, breeders have a difficult time making the melano Blacks. Also, they are hard to come by in shops.

Koi – particularly, like the name suggests these Betta fish look just like mini koi fish. Specifically, these fish will have a marble pattern of whites, reds, and oranges.

Thai Flag – generally, this Betta fish much like the Thai and the American flag have red, white, and blue on it. Hence, this multi-colored fish often comes with these colors in a butterfly pattern.

Black Orchid – basically, this betta fish will be pitch black with one other color on its fins. Usually, it will be blue or red and have a blue or red half-circle of lines on its inner tail.

Thus, this fish is hard to breed and randomly appears out of marble batches.

Pineapple – similarly, this is a betta fish that is yellow with slight black coloring below its fins.

Gold – generally, a Gold Betta fish will truly look like a piece of jewelry. Likewise, they are usually yellow in color. However, they have a metallic tint all over there body to make them look like they are a gold statue.

Beyond Worlds – specifically, these Betta fish are pretty much every other color pattern that doesn’t fit into a category.

Basic Colors – ordinarily, basic Betta fish colors are

  • Blue,
  • Also, red,
  • Turquoise,
  • Also, yellow,
  • White, and
  • Lastly, Orange.

Many Variations Of Color Patterns

Similarly, as you can see above, betta’s color patterns have come along way.

In fact, Betta breeders are always working towards new patterns for the fish. Thus, this, in addition to all the different tail types makes for countless possibilities in creating new and beautiful sub-categories of Betta fish.

Therefore, as time and research go on expect to see more Purple Bettas. Also, Pure Black Bettas in stores as well.

Bettas Names by Color

Ordinarily, what’s the first thing most people will notice about your betta? We bet it will be their color. Meanwhile, why not give your new friend a name based on their hue?

Furthermore, there are several lists of names according to color. Hence, you can easily find the relevant color and search for a name.

Therefore, whether your new betta is orange, red, yellow, black, white, blue, or multi-colored, there is a name for you.

Accordingly, some are obvious names, whereas others are more creative. However, either way, you’ll find some cracking names here.

Meanwhile, check out these names by color and be ready to find that perfect moniker.

Names for Orange Bettas

Ordinarily, the following names best suit orange betta fish. Therefore, there are names inspired by

  • famous orange characters,
  • also, orange items,
  • likewise, orange foodstuffs, and
  • lastly, anything that relates to the color orange.
Amber Clementine Nacho Cheese
Apricot Copper Nectarine
Arancione Crookshanks Orangeade
Auburn Dorito Peaches
Autumn Ember Persimmon
Butternut Fanta Pumpkin
Butterscotch Garfield Rusty
Candy Corn GingerSatsuma
Carrot Gingersnap Sunset
Cheddar Goldie Tang
Cheese Puff Mandarin Tangerine
Cheeto Marmalade Tigger

Names for Red Bettas

In particular, does your betta have a beautiful red hue? Thus, if yes why not try one of these nice names?

Apple Poinsettia Russet
Blaze Poppy Scarlet
Cherry Red Strawberry
Coral Rosella Strawberry Shortcake
Crimson Rosie Valentine
Fever Rosso Vermilion
Flame Ruby

Names for Yellow Bettas

Generally, yellow appears a lot in nature. Hence, there is a selection of nature-inspired names for yellow betta fish. As well as, some cute and funny options.

Barley Honey Star
Blondie Mellow Sunflower
Butterball Mustard Sunglow
Buttercup Pikachu Sunny
Custard SaffronSunshine

Names for Black Bettas

Generally, you can find plenty of very nice names for black betta. Particularly, some come from black objects or foods, whereas the darker side of life inspires others.

Anise Ebony Panther
Ash Eclipse Pepsi
Beetle Ember Raven
Blackfish Grimm Reaper
Blackjack Guinness Shadow
Char Ink Smokey
Cinder Licorice Smudge
Coal/Cole Midnight Soot
Coffee Nero Tar
Crow Olive Velvet
DamienOmen Voodoo
Donnie Darko Onyx

Names for White Bettas

Similarly, if you’re looking for a name for your white betta, then you can turn to all things white and wintery for inspiration. Besides, if that’s too obvious for you, there are subtler choices as well.

Arctic Ivory Quartz
Aspen Jasmine Snowball
Beluga Magnolia Snowdrop
Blizzard Mayo Snowflake
Diamond Misty Snowy
Dove Moonshine Sugar
Ghost Opal Swan
Glacier Polar Vanilla

Names for Blue Betta Fish

Specifically, your striking blue betta fish deserves an awesome name to go with their vivid color. Thus, our favorite names for blue betta fish are below.

Aqua Cobalt River
Aquamarine Cookie Monster Sapphire
Blue Cornflower Sea
Blue Moon Cyan Sky
Bluebell Marine
Blueberry Neptune

Names for Multi-Colored Betta Fish

Generally, many betta fish aren’t just one solid color. Instead, they have many hues adorning their bodies. Therefore, here are some great names for multi-colored betta fish.

Aurora Patches Skittles
Dotty Peacock Splodge
Freckles Picasso Spot
Kingfisher Prism Sprinkles
PandaRainbow Zigzag

Red Betta Fish Names

Furthermore, you can’t relate to the blue Betta fish? Maybe you have a Betta fish with a bit more fire, a bit more feistiness, and much more red.

Therefore, whether it is a Crowntail, Delta, or Veiltail, we are ready for the challenge.

Hence, here are some of the most common names for your red Betta fish.

Rouge Auburn Fuego
Rood Venetian Cherry
Pula Rosewood Chili
Rooi Scarlet Velvet
Ula(ʻula) Rufous Garnet
Ruby CrimsonFlame

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